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Tranquility is reality

This photograph was shot in a little bay on the island of Bora Bora. If you don’t know, Bora Bora is in the island chain with Tahiti in the south pacific.

I was there for nearly 6 months shooting photographs with my 4×5 Linhof Tecknica. I had just finished doing some shots for a local hotel and was headed back to town via small boat. In the distance I could see 2 things. First was the old style sailing ship at anchor. Second was the setting sun. I could tell we would arrive with the sailboat right in front of the setting sun. So I got my 4×5 all set up for a hand held shot as we passed.

Click! one shot!

Got it.

 (Gary Felton)

Once I returned to my room ashore I asked where that was we saw the sailboat and sunset. I was told that area was called Tranquility Bay. This is just inside the barrier reef on the west side of the island. If you look closely you see a black line on the horizon. This is the barrier reef in the distance.

OH MAN! How perfect….Tranquility Bay on Bora Bora in the south pacific. I still get goose bumps when I look at this photo. And no, it is not enhanced with Photoshop. It was a gorgous sunset in one of the most gorgous areas of the world.

Want to see where in the world this is? Click here.

Cheers, Gary

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