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This is another “story behind” the photograph. One of my most well known sailing photos is this one of the sailing vessel “Californian”.

Sailing vessel Californian

I was serving as mate aboard her at the time. We were participating in the annual Ancient Mariners Race between San Diego and Hawaii. Our final destination was a party and tallships parade for Hawaii’s 30th anniversary as a state. The trip took us 17 days at sea.

Because it was a race between sailboats we could not start our engine. A high pressure system had built in over the standard course between San Diego and Hawaii and we were stuck in it with NO wind. We were trying every trick in the book to bring the wind, even sticking our rigging knives in the main mast. But to no avail for 2 days. So I figured I would take advantage of the situation and take one of the small boats off to get a photo.

This was a slightly overcast day. I could have shot this with the boat heading into the picture but wanted to add a little dynamic to the shot. So I photographed her heading out of the frame.

The name of the shot is “Calm”. Pretty clever huh?

Enjoy! Gary

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